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Elementary school girl Yuka Takahashi adds the last piece of about 5,000 Lego blocks to complete a reproduction of Johnannes Vermeer's masterpiece "Girl with a Pearl Earring" in Tokyo. A total of 380 children participated in a nine-day workshop to create the Lego art at the newly opened Legoland Discovery Center to mark the 380th anniversary of the Dutch painter's birth and the exhibition of the original painting from the Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis at Tokyo Art Museum.

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well done kawaii kid

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I went all the way to NY to see this painting in the Metro. No words can describe the beauty of it. It was smaller than I thought, but it was as enthralling as I imagined it was.

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Wow even the frame is lego too. Those kids did an excellent job of recreating Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring in lego no less. Good Work.

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She looks adorable in that headdress. Nagoya, I saw the same exhibit and even though dimensions of paintings are given sometimes, the size perspective is hard to visualize until you see them in person. Also, there are only 34 paintings firmly attributed to him.

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If you guys haven't seen the movie "The Girl with a Pearl Earring" yet, then do it. The movie is a beauty on its own.

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Gifted bunch of kids and a great piece of art using Lego. A lot more impressive than my "lego man on crappy fire engine" sculpture:)

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