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Last leg of a long journey


Bill and Julia Hawker, parents of murdered British teacher Lindsay Hawker, and daughters, Lisa, right, and Louise, left, arrive at Narita airport on Wednesday. A verdict in the trial of accused murderer Tatsuya Ichihashi is expected on Thursday.

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For their sake I hope this is the last leg of the journey and their is no mistrial, retrial or funny business and Ichihashi gets what he deserves once and for all.

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Hopefully they will see him receive a long prison sentence. It will take a very long time for this man to be able to take his place back into society.

I wonder is there going to be or has there been a thorough investigation into how and who assisted him on the run.

-3 ( +3 / -6 )

"It will take a very long time for this man to be able to take his place back into society. " Sorry but this freak should NEVER be allowed back into society.

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What?! They aren't staying for the verdict???

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I'd say they are arriving back in Japan to hear the verdict after having gone back to the UK, not leaving.

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I hope this scumbag gets the book thrown at him... regrettably this is reality and Japan... he'll get 7-10 years which is the going rate for murder in Japan these days (after showing remorse)

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They are arriving at Narita, not leaving.

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they look such a nice family, it is so sad that such a tragedy struck them....by the way do they get some help from somebody to cover their expenses? I hope so, it is expensive to travel several times to Japan for the trial and the verdict...

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Ichihashi should be beaten, strangled, have his head shaved, then put into a tub of sand and dirt.

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Death is the only thing that would guarantee this P.O.S. never gets out of prison and capitalizes on his notoriety and fame. This being Japan I'm sure that's a likely possibility.

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

And he has a fan club. geez

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I feel so sorry for them.

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While I have only lived here for 5 years, one thing that strikes me when I read/hear about murders in Japan is the way the person who committed the crime usually confesses and turns themselves in. Most of my anger towards Ichihashi (and it is plentiful) is simply because of his cowardice. Not only did he brutually attack and take the life of another human being (race, nationality, age, etc are for me irrelevant), he evaded capture, changed his appearance and not once had the decency to own up. If he honestly did not intend to kill her and if the system is set up so that he could argue that point and get off with a light sentence, why didn't he just turn himself in in the first place?? That is what makes me so angry and also the fact that he is now trying to make money buy writing a book of his time on the run. I hope that justice is served but whatever the outcome I hope her family can begin to put this behind them and move on. R.I.P Lindsay

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Hopefully the case will bring some kind of "closure" to the family. Deep down the Hawker family will always be sad because nothing in the world can replace their daughter. Ichihashi is a COWARD/SICK/lowlife (feel in the blank) that took away the life of their daughter. I admire their grace in front of such tragedy.

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I truly wish smiles will return to the faces of this family one day.

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Let`s wait and see !!!!

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