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Lazing about


Yui the hippo and a crow enjoy the warm weather at Tokyo's Ueno Zoo on Thursday.

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Wonder how the polar bear is doing. I once went to the zoo in summer and I've never seen such an unhappy looking animal.

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Lazing, or bored in a man made environment.

Indeed. Stuck all day long in a small concrete enclosure, unable to engage in any of the activities it would do in nature. Unless I'm mistaken or unless things have changed, I believe there is no mud pool for the hippo in Ueno zoo, just water and concrete. The pool is too small for it to really swim in, certainly they can't pick up any speed, and there is no growing vegetation that it has access to, and no grass to graze. Just concrete, concrete, and concrete. Sad.

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Lazing, or bored in a man made environment.

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That's me on my day off

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This Hippo looks lazy, but Hippos are real dangerous man-killers. They kill more humans than any other wild African animal, like Lions, Crocodiles and Elephants. They can bite a human in half in one bite. The Ueno Zookeepers are braver than me!

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