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Japan's Shota Iizuka, left, trails Jamaica's Usain Bolt, center, and South Africa's Anaso Jobodwana during the men's 200-meter semifinal at the World Athletics Championships in the Luzhniki stadium in Moscow on Friday. Iizuka finished 7th and failed to qualify for the final.

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What's the point of this photo? To highlight and shame the Japanese player?

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Yes i too don't know the point of this photo.

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he tried his best

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But I bet If it was the other way around there wouldn't be a problem.

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The point is.... the Japanese kid has been touted as potentially challenging the top sprinters in the world. He has done amazingly well but he's not there yet.

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I don't see this as shameful at all. I think it means he can get close to the best sprinters in the world, and he's still improving.

8 ( +9 / -1 )

If he's that close to Usain Bolt, the boy's fast.

4 ( +6 / -2 )

Just echoing some of the previous comments: there's only one Bolt. If you've competed against him, it must mean you are pretty darn fast.

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The point is, is that he cannot compete against such superior world class runners BUT he put in the old collage try!

4 ( +4 / -0 )

he looks more like a sumo than a sprinter

-2 ( +3 / -5 )

Bolt is a great name for a sprinter. Perhaps there's more in a name than we think.

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mikihouse: "What's the point of this photo? To highlight and shame the Japanese player?"

Only to those who would feel ashamed and would rather not know about it. That the Japanese athlete (we don't say 'player' in sport like running) is even in the picture with these two other men is a tribute to the fact that he is quite a good sprinter. Bolt and Co. always win, so would you rather just not hear about it if the Japanese athlete does not win? The title is a play on words -- the athlete is to the left in the photo and behind the others in front of him.

In short, don't be ashamed of the Japanese athlete's performance -- celebrate it! He did a great job.

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the photo actually makes it look like he was close, this kid while good will unfortunately never really challenge the top sprinters, he might make the final in a major competition but he`ll never get a medal. not trying to bash the kid just stating the facts

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What's the point of this photo? To highlight and shame the Japanese player?

He went there, did that, and definitely deserve a spot in the photo. What have you done beside sitting at the back of a keyboard?

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No Japanese guy with big hair is going to beat Usain Bolt

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

wtfjapan, he already has. We won gold in the 200m at the World Junior Championships in Athletics in 2010, for athletes under 20. 170 countries and 1500 athletes competed. Is that a big enough competition for you? Not trying to bash you, just stating the facts.

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Many times I think the media here gives the athletes too much of a build up and that additional pressure does not do them any good.

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Well at least he made it inside the picture frame. There were certainly others who didn't make the cut.

3 ( +4 / -1 )

Cynicism will get you nowhere !

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@kickboard LOL juniors is like trying to compare college football/baseball to MLB/NBL. if you think this kid can individual medal at the Olympic or WC then your dreaming the dream while on LSD. never going to happen. unless half the field have the flu. way to short to be a top sprinter. look at all the fast short sprinters, Gay, Johnson, oh they where on drugs sorry

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@Mirai no Japanese guy period will beat Bolt, unless he falls has the flu or is competeing in the seniors.

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To those who posted somewhat negative comments not realizing what his accomplishment for what he has done in this particular race please learn the sports and read this article closely, "during the men’s 200-meter semifinal at the World Athletics Championships......". This means the Japanese runner made it to semifinal. That means he was one of the top 16 runners. If he had finished in the top 4 spot then he would have made it to the final. This is a great accomplishment by him and I congratulate him and his great race. I am sure this experience will also give him some confidence as well.

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