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Legend of Honda


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system can control acceleration, braking and steering under certain conditions.

I am worried about self driving cars.

Can we really trust that the computers manage the driving in a safe way?

My car is also a Honda, and I think Honda is a very high technical level car maker....but self driving cars...I am not sure.

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Soon to be History of Honda. Like we saw in the electronic market, Global competition is moving ahead without Japan. Competitors in the Auto Industry are very much ahead of Japan. Innovative change is causing different industries to converge. Japanese Companies only have niche in a single industry of Auto. The Sharks are already circling and will eat them alive!

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I believe Tesla already has this capability.

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Through designing a luxury model featuring a self-driving capability, Honda might appeal to some practical business owners but would surely lose some car enthusiasts who enjoy the thrill of driving experiences.

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I bought my first ever Honda as a second car to keep me off public transport (sorry, planet) during Covid. While I still jump into our more frugal Prius for longer journeys, I'm very impressed by the uncluttered aesthetics and driver experience of the Honda, a breath of fresh air.

Can't see myself wanting the Legend, though.

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fwiw, the non-level 3 model of this car is 7.2 million.

I look forward to self-driving cars and every step forward is a good one. If a car drives itself, there is no need to own one if you can summon one whenever you need it. This means no need for car parks everywhere and far less need for filling stations for electricity or hydrogen. Cars involved in fewer collisions can also be made much lighter, meaning a much lower eco footprint for each one.

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Awesome! Way out of my price range sadly. I cant think of anything better than jumping in a self-driving car after a long day, telling it to drive home, then kicking back and necking a few cold ones in luxury.

Ultimately the tech will filter down to even compact cars, cheaply, and none of us will need to physically drive any more. Much, much safer for all.

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Not having to drive a vehicle yourself used to be called riding a bus or catching a taxi.

And anyone ever ride with PASSENGERS who got tired of being in a traffic jam? It’s not just driver fatigue.

I have confidence self-driving cars are capable of their ability and function, but I don’t think they solve all of our traffic related problems or pollution concerns.

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I don’t think they solve all of our traffic related problems or pollution concerns.

 You're right. We shouldn't bother changing, since the change won't be perfect. Why would anyone ever do anything if there wasn't an absolute guarantee that it would be perfect and solve all the problems of humanity at once?

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I believe Tesla already has this capability.

Tesla is level-2 right now. You have been fooled by Elon Musk's exaggeration.

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@bakakuma what competitors? can you mention?

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Not my idea of driving. I'll stick with my Lotus, thank you very much.

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Tesla is level-2 right now. You have been fooled by Elon Musk's exaggeration.

I haven't. Maybe I've been fooled by the reports of those who have owned them, in which case, I'll take being 'fooled' by someone with direct experience.

Tesla's already do this. And they are better self-driving cars than anything the Koreans are putting out by far.

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It would be wonderful if a consensus could be built with the Japanese government, car makers and Uber like companies to make these marvelous self driven cars available to everyone. It would reduce the cars on the streets and the need to own a car, a high tech one.

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