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Legend of the Galactic Heroes


Members of the Tokyo Takarazuka Theatre take part in a dress rehearsal Friday morning for their latest performance, "Legend of the Galactic Heroes," by Cosmos Troupe that starts today and runs until mid-November.

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I love the anime.

But live action? mixed feelings about this.

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Ive never understood Takarazuka. Women who dress up like men, scary make up.That and these women are TALL, easily 1.80+!

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525,600 minutes - 525,000 moments so dear

525,600 minutes how do you measure measure a year ?

Measure in loveeeeeeeeeeeeee

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I think that they are a response to the fact that kabuki is acted only by men now, because the women involved in the performances when the art form was in its nascent state were all prostitutes on the side, which corrupted the cultural potential of the genre.

Another way of looking at them is as a group of feminists.

The title of this piece is obviously intended to mock "heroes" and the fact that they are "galactic" means that they are not down to earth like the females portraying them in some sort of parodic clip from the epic

"battle of the sexes".

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@ubikwit, go study Takarazuka for a long time and come back later. You are currently not high enough level to contribute anything of value here (and that's saying something).

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