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Amercian actor Leonardo DiCaprio attends an event to promote his film "Django Unchained" at Tokyo Midtown on Saturday. DiCaprio, 38, on his 8th visit to Japan, was last here in 2010. He made a point to deny online rumors that he was retiring. He said that he had made three long films in two years -- "Django Unchained," "The Great Gatsby" and "The Wolf of Wall Street" -- and that he planned to take a break. He has just helped the World Wildlife Fund to launch a new animal rights campaign, the "Hands Off My Parts" initiative, which targets the killing of tigers, rhinos and elephants for their body parts.

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He's a nice-looking fellow, now that he's showing his age a bit. I'd tap that.

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Has anyone seen his Jim Beam commercial?

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either its a lousy photo or some idiot photoshopped his eyes and now looks all crossed and crooked. yur doin great leo, with django & whiskey and all...

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Feel sorry for movie-goers in Japan, of which I was one for ten years. This movie is basically out of the first-run threaters in the states, already claimed some awards, including best-supporting actor, and is just now opening there. And then you have the privledge of paying over double a fair price to see it. Can someone let me know how the translators handle all the "N-words" in it?

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I love DiCaprio! He died in Titanic, and for me, that was just such a moving seen! Now in this Django! WOW!!

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He's my alter-ego

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He's a nice-looking fellow, now that he's showing his age a bit. I'd tap that.

Haha. Good to hear this kind of comment from the ladies!

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