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Let's fight terrorism


A poster by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department asks the public for help in the fight against terrorism.

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What terrorism?

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More information please

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It’s nice to see the terrorist in this poster is Japanese as all terrorist activities in Japan were instigated by Japanese citizens.

I worry about that small detail thanking citizens for cooperating and understanding police activities. What activities are they talking about? On the other hand, I realize this ‘cooperation and understanding’ is a set phrase most companies and other organizations use after stating something.

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A fight corruption poster would be more appropriate especially aimed at THEMSELVES!

LDP chumocracy fat cats.

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It’s nice to see the terrorist in this poster is Japanese as all terrorist activities in Japan were instigated by Japanese citizens.

I suspect that the person in the picture is not intended to be a terrorist, but rather the police’s own glorified image of what they look like when fighting terrorists (which in reality is an activity that may consist entirely of putting up posters like this). He is, after all, shouting at us to stop terrorism.

The irony of course is that as you say, all terrorist incidents in Japan have been carried out by Japanese, many of whom probably have the same self image.

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wow the translator was very lucky with his client here, they obviously didnt make him translate the unnatural japanese into english letter by letter making the whole message confusing and totally awkward. Not too many of us have the same luck. "why did you translate gochisou-sama as 'thank you for the meal'?? there is no thank you in the original sentence!" facepalm

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I was sitting in my car in front of a convenience store yesterday, beard hanging out of my mask, big sunglasses, getting ready to munch on my onigiri, when a young fellow comes out of the store with his girlfriend. He stares at me with a worried look, hurries his girlfriend into the passenger seat on the other side of his car parked next to me, then scurries around to get into the driver's seat, the whole while looking nervously at me. So, I started my car and backed away to, you know, relieve the situation, and he's craning his neck and twisting around, looking in his rear view mirror. I felt guilty, like he was going to call the police and I would get pulled over and have to explain myself. I looked at myself in the rear view mirror. Maybe I should shave, stop wearing these big sunglasses, dress like a samurai with a topnotch . . .

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there are creating a fake problem to impose new anti-freedom laws. clearly influenced by US

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Lets' anti-terrorism!

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umm...So your move Police Department. I fully support the arrest of Suga, Koike and the Olympic Committee for gross incompetence, and public endangerment! We can unearth their crimes of grift and bribery during the trial!

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AscissorToday  10:21 am JST

Lets' anti-terrorism!

"Let's"; now there's a blast from the past.

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I’m no marketing guru but I think the message should have been something like “if you see/hear something suspicious, say something”

‘Let’s fight terrorism together’ sounds like the average citizen is going to kit up and join the fight.

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Looks like some campaign developed for the run up to the Games when it was believed that an influx of international visitors to Japan would raise the terrorism threat.

Now with a foreigner-free ‘NOlympics,’ the poster seems to just be playing up the underlying xenophobia that exists here.

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I’m confused. Shouldn’t we replace “terror” with “COVID” ?

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Obviously a campaign that was organized and funded BEFORE the overseas ban on Olympic visitors. The Olympics do have a history of terrorism... Both Munich and Atlanta had major incidents.

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"Thank you for your cooperation and understanding" is a phrase that usually comes after your civil rights ar violated. When in fact you did NOT cooperate and certainly don't understand. Paranoid me is thinking that a "stop the gaijin on the street" campaign may be in the works as a prelude to the Olympics that nobody will attend.

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That’s really great, because it is preemptive, an urgent measure long before terrorism is probably to come here too. You also might have read about those claims about strict asylum and immigration rules that (luckily still) exist here. It’s clear, that they will fall one day sooner or later, by a political change or the usual everyday international pressure. Then you will see, how massive the influx of terrorists suddenly will be and how ingeniously foreseeing those early posters were.

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Incompetent, misguided governments are more dangerous than terrorists. Look around the world. Most of the major problems are self-inflicted by governments and their supposed leaders.

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In search of Modern Miyamoto Musashi ? Really hard to find in this generation.

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It's quite difficult to fight terrorism in Japan; there isn't any, and what with the covid restrictions, it's pretty hard for them to travel overseas to do any. and I'm not sure dressing up as a Samurai will help much either.

Best leave the counter-terrorism to the countries that have been dealing with it for years and stick to the pointless xenophobia - well done, mission accomplished.

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There are many communists in Japan. Before and during the war, they caught them in red hunts, and in the rush of the end of the war, they released them instead of executing them. This is probably due to the influence of GHQ, which had many communists in it.

-9 ( +0 / -9 )

To be stopped on suspicion of being a terrorist due to not looking Asian is a against our rights as humans not to mention the Japanese constitution.

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Quick everyone, grab your katana and check for reds under the futon!

Who doesn't keep tabs on their neighbours, capturing them on CCTV and in audio recordings, jotting down the plates of all visiting vehicles and sending reports to the security services? It's certainly kept me busy during lockdown.

It's incredibly important to focus on issues that affect all of us on a daily basis like the threat of terrorism, and not get sidetracked by minor, superficial stuff like viruses and climate change.

2 ( +2 / -0 )

The commenters here evidently lack reading comprehension. Where does the poster say that terrorism comes from one group and not another? As far as I can tell, nowhere.

So why all the comments about Japanese terrorists and communists, and how foreigners are 'harassed'?

What has that got to do with anything?

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