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Let the drums roll


A drum performance at the recent Nezu shrine azalea festival in Tokyo.

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the beauty of japan is that she preserve many of her traditional stuffs...

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I was just there a few days ago, the azaleas were in full bloom and very impressive.

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This picture represents the REAL "beautiful Japan." Japanese drumming is fantastic. I wish more Jaspanese young people had an interest in their own rich culture.

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I've always had a thing for female taiko drummers...

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I love Taiko as much as I love my father. We both just go crazy at the taiko festivals.

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Magnificient piece of Japanese culture...style, design of taiko and player all look good.

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Agree with you realist & the photo was very good. I guess I ended up in so many Army parades that I became accustom to drumbs along with military band music. Also in some cases it was a Scottish group behind us, with drumbs & bagpipes plus a long foot step then the rest of the military----saw many of our chaps out of step due to the beat of the drumbs plus the bagpipes.

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