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Fireworks explode over the crowd on a beach during a summer festival in Kamakura on Wednesday night.

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Is it me, or is there no one even looking at the fireworks in this picture?

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We'll be having our firework party this coming Saturday in Miki City, Hyogo which is a very good place for it in an outdoor earthquake park. Bought a new camera, Olympus Pen to try out. Love the firework parties!

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They have cancelled this years Hanabi at bentenchou in Osaka unfortunately, and im really not looking forward to go to Yodogawa Hanabi because that place is always packed like a Justin Beiber concert.

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Fireworks are one of the few things that Japan does way better than anywhere else!

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The fireworks are modest, and people are looking the other way. Everything is in blur???

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Went down there a few years back. Trains were a big hassle for getting home to Minamirinkan, but actually crowd control was brilliant as always.

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Now I think I know what this picture meant. It looks like the famous picture of the Earth rising from behind the Moon.

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