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Fireworks light up the sky during a summer festival in Kamakura, near Tokyo, on Tuesday night.

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calr751, do you ever find anything to be fun?

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This and a can of Asahi is all that is needed for a nice relaxing night.

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Kamakura is a beautiful place... went there a couple of years ago. Really beautiful and (despite masses of people) it felt quite peaceful.

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There is NOTHING like a good old Japanese summer fireworks display ! NOTHING !

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oh envy!

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Toyota's Oiden matsuri and Okazaki's fireworks are coming soon. We'll be there. (Not the royal 'we' here, family and friends.) If you are in Aichi, I highly recommend them.

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Nice picture but also a little scary-looking somehow...

My fireworks pictures never ever come out.

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they look pretty but they are also very dangerous. so many toxic chemicals are released from fireworks like potassium perchlorate, cadmium, strontium, aluminum, dioxins and so on. some of them are radioactive and carcinogens. potassium perchlorate is know to cause cancer and thyroid diseases in humans/animals. they also contaminate water/soil and creep into human food chain.

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