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People wait in line outside Apple's Ginza store Thursday night ahead of Friday's release of Apple's new iPhone 5S.

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Why do people even bother to stand in long line for these things. Its going to be regularly available anywhere eventually, and you won't have to stand in a line

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I'm not an apple fanboy, but I can see how these lineups could be appealing for apple fans. Kind of like a tailgate party before the big game, where fans can congregate and share their passion.

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No it is not awesome. If your fingerprints are one file goverment no longer needs your cooperation to access anything on that Apple 5S. Fingerprint security is a useless gimmick. Goverment will have zero issues getting around the fingerprint sensor, in fact, they'll likely have your fingerprint because of it. Here's the best way to secure your private information. Don't put any on your phone.

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not maybe these guys but i know some pr agencies hire and pay people for such line-ups!

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The user should be controlling the machines but the machines are controlling the users by slick marketing and inbuilt human sheepie like behaviour. Those people are idiots, i pity them.

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There are nerds, geeks, otaku... and cellphone groupies. It's getting worse!

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The user should be controlling the machines but the machines are controlling the users by slick marketing and inbuilt human sheepie like behaviour. Those people are idiots, i pity them.

falseflagsteve - I'd bet my bottom dollar you spent twice as much time in the last week playing some sort of game on your PC as these people spent waiting in line.

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@hoserfella I do not play games on my PC, wouldn't have time running my three businesses. I am an owner of iPad and an iPhone, my post is nothing to do with the product, but with human behaviour such as this. My iPhone is more for fun, mostly listening to music while out and m,y iPad has been great for making money.

The point is, the machines can be a usual tool and great educators. The machines are controlling us, as we see from these people who crave that new product so much and probably their old version still works fine.

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iPhone 4S contract runs out in November, will wait til then to upgrade

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Falseflagsteve- in your first post you decry the people in the photo as "steeple" and losers to be pitied for their assumed dependency on technology. However your second post admits you own a PC, iPod, iPad, iPhone and god knows what else. Just a tad hypocritical.

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Serious question.

I'm with Docomo. I like them. My android phone's getting old. Do I choose an i-phone or another android next time around? Seriously, I have no idea. Any advice?

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luca - You won't be disappointed with the i-Phone.

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Not at all, if you read what i posted instead of jumping to conclusions you would have understood my post. It was about them being slaves to the product rather than the product being their slave. It is quite simple for anyone without a bias like myself.

I never criticised the product just the people, i am not dependent on anything, i use the Apple product but can live without. Can't you ever respect anyone's view without taking it as a personal attack? I bought the Apple products as being the cheapest for me in Japan at the time. These people cannot think about being without the newest Apple product, they are indeed sheep. I couldn't care less who makes my product as long as it does the job, see the differnence.?Probably not.

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Seriously, I have no idea. Any advice?

you'll be seriously impressed at how far Android devices have come along. If you were on 2.2 or 2.3 phone, the jump to Jellybean with new handset will be a good choice. You won't be disappointed. Top end android phones are equal to the iphone 5, and since you are already invested the in the android system, why take back step and lose functionality?

If you had never had a smart phone before, toss a coin. If you are a tweaker and customizer, go android, if you want a smartphone that you want to turn on a go and do the basics and don't care about extras - then the iphone is good choice.

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@Serrano & Carcharadon

Thank you. Looks like I'll be buying an i-phone, then.

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@falseflagsteve - ah, I get it now. When other people buy Apple products, they are helpless sheep. When falseflagsteve with his myriad of Apple products loads up, he is "pragmatic" and "indifferent".

OK, thanks for clearing that up.

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