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Lions pick Colombia


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Well...that's just spoilt the game for me.

Hate knowing the result before I get a chance to watch it!

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Don't need lions to know that

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Hasn't anyone noticed the noose in the picture. Imagine the chances of the lion getting entangled in that ! And who's going to rush in and save it, whilst the other lion is there... What's happened to those Lions are they Safe, has anyone checked ? And that's in the name of a FIFA event... shame FIFA.., you have to act, #SaveTheLions, #SuspendColumbia ....

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Japan WON, ooops, guess they were wrong, as if anyone puts weight into these types of things.

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Japan will be lucky to win one game, let alone score a goal in three games

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Columbia brings the game into disrepute by the mistreatment of animals ! FIFA should suspend the team pending an investigation.

I guess that would settle the matter as to who wins....

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It is quite an interesting development after Paul the Octopus died in 2010. Despite the validity of this prediction, it surely gave the Columbian players some psychological advantage that they would win.

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Don't know if anyone noticed, but the bag the lions picked had a piece of meat in it, the Japan one

had only straw......

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It doesn't take a lion to figure out that Japan would lose all three matches. This is the weakest World Cup squad that Japan has sent since 2002.

I would bet my money on it.

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