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Liverpool welcome


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Please stop this arm bump BS. It has been clear since the grocery stores stopped wiping shopping carts that tactical contact is not the risk.

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Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi will spend 6 days at a government facility upon return from the UK, with the remaining 8 days of his mandatory 14 days quarantine being spent at his residence. Right?

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That does look like a real Liverpool greeting!

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

i was expecting to see a traditional Liverpool kiss, not this virtue-signalling tosh.

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Covidiotic behavior precedes moronic behavior. Let’s hope they all get “boostered” into pine boxes for all our sake.

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'Liverpool Welcome.'

Did he pay a fiver to the local lads outside to 'look after' his car?

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He was going to visit Celtic but backed out due to the tradition of the Glasgow Kiss

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