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Because it is damned cold to sit outside and have lunch.

Everyone is sitting and have lunch inside.

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She’s eating cup ramen. Hardly a “meal”

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it is Cup ramen that she bought from seven 11..

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Japanese following the social distance rules.

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Japanese following the social distance rules.

No, they are all inside restaurants and cafes because it's very cold outside. That woman in the photo is 1) maybe not eating lunch at noon 2) eating convenience store food that cannot be eaten in a restaurant or cafe. BTW, she is probably eating cup noodle instead of an onigiri because a jungle crow would swoop down and snatch the onigiri from her hand.

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I like crows

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I prefer pictures of nature to pictures of people eating.

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it is Cup ramen that she bought from seven 11..

Haha... I didn't realize that. Because I'm an old guy with poor eyesight.

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