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Lone Ranger rides into town


A poster advertises the Friday release of Disney's "The Lone Ranger." The poster was shot in the grounds of Zozoji Temple in Tokyo, where scenes from the upcoming "Wolverine" were also filmed.

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This movie by all accounts is terrible.

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It is terrible but i LOVE this poster, esp the Japanese high school girls with Cowboy hats in the middle background! Only in Japan !

Long Live Cosplay!!!

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This movie looks like utter crap....

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I would rather watch Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels, for free, on YouTube.

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This movie might actually make some money in Japan with all the aggressive marketing and Disney related placement! Does not matter if it is good or bad if talentos say it's good people will follow! Haven't seen the movie yet so hard to judge but seems pretty bad.

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I see it on the same level as 'Wild Wild West' and the recent '3 Musketeers' movie.

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It's not that bad....however it is too long. If Helena Bonham-Carter's role was edited out it would make no difference, She adds noting to the movie. The final chase is worth it. My suggestion is take a 2 hour nap and wake up just in time for the finale.

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the movie is pirates of the caribbean on horses

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"alone ranger' is a better title no-one wants to see this turkey

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I saw the movie and I didn't think it was a bad movie at all, the only real issue was that it was a little long.

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Where is Tonto, extra ordinal analyst Indian?

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