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Wonderful story, wish my wife had been like that.

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How lovely. What a charming couple, they look devoted to each other.

With all the horror in the world, it's oddly moving to read this little, but long story of love this morning.

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I'm a huge Enka fan. I discovered the Kobayashi store online but when I went looking for it in Tokyo I couldn't find it in among all that bustle in Ameyo-yokocho. Eventually discovered another enka place in Osaka.

Congratulations to the Kobayashis. They look great and it's a beautiful story. I hope they keep the shop going until the next time I get to Tokyo, when I promise I'll buy a few CDs and maybe learn a few enka classics on the guitar.

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Very nice story. I also like Enka (in the right atmosphere). They look happy and great. She is a very nice looking lady for 73 years and I bet ladies would say the same about him and that great smile he has at 80. The fact that they live together and run a shop together and have done for so for such a long time and remain happy is remarkable!!!

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I guess she just knew how to pluck his strings just as my wife does too. Wonderful couple.

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Great photo for the end of the week. Thanks JT.

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