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Long wait


People sit on a long bench as they wait in front of a sushi restaurant in Tokyo on Friday.

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And you wonder why folks get heat stroke in this country with alarming frequency?........

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Go somewhere else and come back when there is no or less line.

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That's what you get for not making reservations!

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Is this a gyouretsu no dekiru mise (行列のできる店)?

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@Kronos - Maybe if you go there about 45 minutes before they open there won't be any line. But there will soon be one!

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I love there cesium special on Wednesdays.

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They must love sushi to suffer in the heat like that!

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This is Sushi no Midori in Ginza. I once waited 30 minutes to eat there. It's good and reasonable as far as non-kaiten sushi restaurants go!

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Try getting a reservation at Dorsia now!

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Yowza. Hope it's good! Personally the last thing I would want to eat after waiting in the sun for ages is raw fish. The problem with this type of place is that people see a line-up and join it, solely because there is one. And/or they heard about it on TV. They'll probably wait an hour, spend quite a bit of money, then say it was so-so. The important thing is after that they can say they've been there.

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