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Lottery ticket line-up


People queue to buy jumbo lottery tickets at Yokohama Station on Sunday morning.

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Good way to lose money. I hope these people are only buying one.

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Good way to lose money. I hope these people are only buying one.

No worse than paying your taxes to only have it wasted by politicians buying drinks for their hostesses and wsting it on silly projects that will not do anyone any good. If I am going to blow it, at least let me have the illusion of dreaming for something big rather than just giving it to those who supposedly "know what's good for me."

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Abenomics must surely be working based on the photo evidence. Oh well, I prefer to give the Arimakinen a go in any case.

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I love it ! Couldn't have said it better myself !

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oh yes, lotto queue often a good sign things are bad. queue AKB48 rolled out to sing Abenomix ...

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What a lame way to spend your weekend.

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You think that's a line wait till Christmas at Yurakucho! Was over 3.5 hrs wait...

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