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Lucky girl


Members of Japan's most popular girl group AKB48, Mariko Shinoda, right, and Reina Fujie, react after Shinoda won a special game of "janken," or rock, paper and scissors, to choose a 16-member group among 68 participants for a new single release in Tokyo, on Tuesday night. Shinoda will take the center position in the new song, the group's 24th single, planned to be released on Dec 7.

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I saw this on the news. It was really cute but lots of crying.

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Whoever win this game, sponsor of AKB can make money... It produces dramatic story without cost. This is wise idea. Every member of the AKB share the same opportunity, so no one can complain about it. However, in this show, the owner, Mr.Akimoto and other staff is the real winner, I think.

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Come... on...

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Is it "rock, paper, scissors" or "rock, scissors, paper"?

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Too sophisticated for non Japanese.

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Reina has perfect pearly whites.

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So they are not chosen by talent, but rather by a simple finger game for 4&5 year olds?

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Life without AKB48 would be pointless & cruel.

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oh yes, a SPECIAL game - puleeeze.

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Hopeless that this was on the news. Cute? How is crying cute when you are young women who cries over winning a game of rock, paper, scissors? Pathetic comes to mind.

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They both look so emotional that they could tear their/each other's tops off!

That's where the real money is!

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I heard that this was broadcast live to cinema’s around the country. They really ARE able to make money! Nothing against them, but do feel sad that hype wins over talent most of the time.

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They really ARE able to make money!

I don't blame them (or rather the tarento and music industries). If there are gullible people with immature tastes willing to throw their money at you, my advise would also be to just take the money. Real easy money!

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This is a great story.As a fan of Mariko Shinoda I am very happy.There is always more to these things than at first meets the eye.Mariko is really respected by the girls and they all call her Mariko-sama.

She loved the music and worked serving food in the cafe to fans watching the girls perform at the AKB Theatre.Mariko had always wanted to join,but was always working during auditions each year.It was the fans and wota who knew her and eventually got up a petition to allow her to get an audition,and she got in.

To see her here now,winning through to the centre for the next video is a highlight and a peak to a long journey.To the outsider its a game of chance,but in a world of high profile members,and big money talent agencies pushing the regular front runners this process is a good thing.Although these girls are all in AKB each one is signed to their own talent agency who push for them to appear more in videos,adverts,promotions.It's a cut throat business..

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sorry for reigning on all you would-be japanophiles parade, but this is a pathetic sign of the state of modern music culture in the hands of the advertising industry.

the story recounted by supercorss1985 (is that some sort of bicycle?) is touching, but i would say that she is just being used as a prop by the advertising industry in an effort to promote the notion that you can become a major figure in the public eye even if you have nothing to say for yourself or have never accomplished anything noteworthy. i do not consider being selected for such a role an accomplishment.

sorry, maybe i'm just an old-fashioned modernist.

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@ubikwit My background is in motocross,supercross being the indoor,stadium version of the sport.Back on topic now. Mariko is a member of AKB,and think what you like they are popular and have and are doing well just now.Yes I am a fan,and yes I support them,and I have no problems with those who don't.

I live in England now and we have the same odd bunch of Big Brother winners,useless talent show winners who are now seen as artists and TV talents.Its a global problem.There are no more big Rolling Stones,Beatles or Queen.I guess no one can afford the big Global concert tours now,the music industry has changed.

But these girls are living their dream,doing what they love,and the fans are happy,and yes the promoters and management are very very happy.

If I am on a train and I can hear your music,or see you wearing a shirt from another group I may not like,or see you reading a book from an author I don't rate it doesn't bother me.I am just happy you like music.I don't get the grumpies here who hit out at every opportunity. Japan Today knows how much money AKB raised for the disaster areas,its not all negative!

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Personally i find it easier than ever to find music i like by looking at MY Space and You Tube. I avoid AKB48 as much as possibe and even in Japan that can be quite easy.

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It was the fans and wota who knew her and eventually got up a petition to allow her to get an audition

Yes, grassroots social movement by the wota, and brave soldiering by the objects of their sublimated desires. So inspirational.

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ubikwit -- absolutely gd right

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Meh. All of the music industry - not just the part in Japan - is nothing but a marketing machine now. In between "Idol" TV shows, corporate sponsorship of events, and sales of merchandise OTHER than the actual songs, the music is only an afterthought.

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Truly exciting !!!!!! Typhoon is upon us and I am so lucky to see a dimwit 20 year old wearing a Halloween Costume just alittle bit to early.

Laugh Cry Giggle and above all else act cute.

Barf Barf

Why can't these girls wear jeans or something else besides Maid uniforms.

Is music deceased in Japan ???????

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AKB48 is the bane on my existence!

Is there some type of rule on Japan Today where they have to post at least one story about the talentless AKB48?

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and these are two of the homeliest japanese girls i've seen in a spell...

the advertisers are reaching out to all sectoriums of consumerlandros....

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dont bla bla bla about talents all the time, AKB48 is an idol group, not real singers (although some of them can sing well, just google and you can see it). This tournament is a chance for unknown members to appear in a single, and because of that, their fans will recognize them and continue to support them. i think it's fair, and using a child's game like "rock, paper, scissor" is a great idea, at least more than fans voting. of course the girl's crying, not just only because of winning, but it's also mean that they have a chance to reach a little closer to their dream. that's what we called "cute". no pathetic at all !!!

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So they are not chosen by talent, but rather by a simple finger game for 4&5 year olds?

That's pretty much how all decisions are made in Japan these days...

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I thought AP was a serious international news org- shouldn't this kind of thing be left to the local hacks or even interns? What were they even doing covering this sort of fluff...?

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they have a chance to reach a little closer to their dream

Do you get pleasure from watching people who you will never know (and whose talent and art is unremarkable) achieve their goal of becoming famous?

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I don't get the grumpies here who hit out at every opportunity. Japan Today knows how much money AKB raised for the disaster areas,its not all negative!

I have to agree with SuperCross on this - why all the negativity about these pop singers? They are just entertainers. It is evident that many folks on JT have a real dislike for them (plasticmonkey in particular based on the number of his comments) . This is "pop" music - it isn't Mozart - and they plainly are not trying to be. Take it for what it is or stop wasting your time with it. Better yet, put a copy of all of the music you like on your digital music player and get over it already.

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mozart was a freemason who wrote funeral music at a relatively young age....

"They are just entertainers", is what i see, but what does that mean? they have nothing to say and have no initiative on an individual level, so you are basically condoning this advertising farce, which is a sociopathic contrivance to promote consumerism by advertisers for their consumer product producing clientele, as "entertainment.

these girls are nothing but unwitting tools. (and a couple of them may even be "witting")

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sociopathic contrivance to promote consumerism by advertisers

Goddamn, ubikwit, the language you use is ... enjoyable.

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