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Lunar eclipse


A couple in a Ferris wheel in Tokyo are seen as a total lunar eclipse begins on Wednesday night. The eclipse is also known as a "blood moon" due to the coppery, reddish color the moon takes as it passes into Earth's shadow. The total eclipse is the second of four over a two-year period that began April 15 and concludes on Sept 28, 2015.

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Was just as neat in Iowa: 5AM.

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Yamato in Kanagawa got cloudy after the first third, and then rained, BooHoo

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Cool !

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I got some great shots, even though those lingering clouds had me a little worried. It was funny that some people walked by with no clue about the moon until they saw me looking me up.

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I got a kick out of people taking pictures of the sky with their flashes on, but hey.

Auto flash to the rescue! :-) It's even worse in stadiums at night. Thousands of camera flashes doing nothing but making sure the backs of the people in front of the photographer are properly illuminated (and skewing the auto-exposure due to the flash).

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Was perfect where I am. There was a very thin cloud that blurred the bottom half at about 7:18 or so, just before the eclipse became total, but it was still very clear and beautiful. Seeing it from a Ferris Wheel would be nice in terms of being above most buildings and having an unobstructed view, but the light from the city must diminish it a bit. I stood on a small walkway between to large swaths of rice fields where you could also see stars nearby (supposedly Uranus was there, but I couldn't tell). I got a kick out of people taking pictures of the sky with their flashes on, but hey.

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I was taking photos of the moon as it gradually became darker and more brown and then....... it disappeared behind some clouds. And that was the last I saw of it. Thanks a bunch. Oh well, I still have some good photos of the lunar eclipse back in April. That was very clear.

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The sky above Tokyo is basically clear and I just now saw it - this is amazing! I wish I had a telescope!

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