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Lunch break


An office worker exercises during his lunch break at a park in central Tokyo on Friday.

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That's impressive (if there are no strings).

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What is he doing, swinging around it? Nice shot.

I should get more exercise during the work day. A sedentary job is a killer.

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It's very rare for a salary man to have physical strength especially when they're so married to their desk job. Unless you find a way to do physical training, you are likely to gain belly fat and lose physical power over time.

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The picture really takes me back. Yes, when I was young, I used to go to Hibiya park and play on the horizontal bars almost everyday. But I'm not quite sure the park in the picture is Hibiya park. Good shot!

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Clark Kent. That flag pole takes some serious strength.

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Ohhhh ..... sexy sarariman ....

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You have to have a very high degree of phyical fitness to do that. Hat off to this gentleman. Very impressive.

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