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A man relaxes in front of the "Roots" sculpture at Toranomon Hills in Tokyo on Friday. The sculpture, by Spanish artist Jaume Plensa, depicts the form of a seated person. Constructed with letters and characters of eight languages ​​-. Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Hebrew, Helvetic, Hindi, Japanese and Russian - the sculpture expresses the universal nature of global culture and the bonds that tie humanity together.

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I love that!

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So that's what it's like up close. Viewed from parts of Toranomon, Tokyo Tower sticks out of the top of the person's head.

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That's a neat sculpture! Living in Nagasaki, I'm sort of envious, since most of our public parks are just dirt (no grass) and no public art.

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I was just visiting a new client there yesterday and saw/admired that sculpture. It's nice to get a little more information on it.

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I admire how the artist used characters from different languages to make this sculpture is gives it more depth and meaning to me. To bad I can not see it up close. I, myself fear the thought of radioisotope contamination that will linger for generations to come in Japan if nothing is done about it.

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They look in need of chairs than a sculpture.

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