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I can't ever imagine lining up to eat something as mundane as ramen or soba. Why do people do it? Stuff tastes the same wherever you eat it, surely?

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Close to my working place, there is a Ramen shop which has every lunch time an incredible waiting line!


No, no...stuff tastes completely different in different stores.

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Why do people do it? 

Very few seats and very short operating hours. If it's recently been written up in Hanako or appeared on Fuji TV, expect line-ups for the next few months.

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Bernard Marx

I can't ever imagine lining up to eat something as mundane as ramen or soba.

The shop pictured was a teishoku place specializing on seafood. The prices are not too shabby either, I'd line up too if I had the chance. Apparently the place is really small so you'd really be forced to wait in line.

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The country of waiting.

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No social distancing. I do despair.

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What does mundane Ramen got to do with a "bitternes with the world.?" Didn't you read another article about non-Japanese suffering discrimination amid COVID-19?

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