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Lying down on the job


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Japan definitely has a public bench deficit.

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This guy just doesn’t give a toss!

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Oh, I wouldn't want to lie down there - imagine that corner's layered history of piss, spit, and vomit...

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“Lying down on the job“

What is his job job at the station?

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Yes, the lack of seating in Tokyo is a disgrace. It is cruel to those who are old, disabled, travelling with children, tired, or simply wanting to sit for a moment while they look through their bag or take a break.

There are sometimes a few seats at the end of platforms, but only a few, and once you get to the ticket gate areas, none at all. People waiting for friends and family in station concourses have no choice but to stand.

Having nowhere to sit can make this a cruel and unwelcoming city.

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And the city doesn’t have many trash cans because of the Oum Shinrikyo sarin gas attack.

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Yuck.. I would never lie down on that disgusting floor.

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Did anyone know why there is almost no bench in Japan ?


For the trash can, it seems to be related to people using it too much (putting house trash in it to not have to deal with trash collection schedule, I guess.

After the incident they were removed for a while but put back after. In lot of station there is trash can, you can find bottle trash can everywhere, there is also still the coin locker in station, tourist spot, ...

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The main reason for no benches or at least some benches but with dividers is to keep the vagrants and or loiterers from sleeping on them.

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