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Hundreds of young girls swap the contents of their lucky bags ("fukubukuro") outside Shibuya's 109 store in Tokyo on Thursday. Tens of thousands of girls swarmed into the store throughout the day. More than 100 security personnel were on duty to keep things from getting too chaotic. The store is so popular with teenagers that several hundred, including some as young as 14, waited in line from as early as 6 a.m. on Wednesday to take advantage of the sales. The store is holding a one-week sale through Jan 8 with discounts of up to 80%.

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“Fukubukuro” is an adorable word! I could just say it all day! These girls look like they're having fun. :)

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Damn. i missed it.

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Even as I`m an "old" woman and have a leftish backround I really would like to be in Tokyo during Lucky Bag time. It must be fun (perhaps not at 109 in my age..). First time I stayed in Tokyo my husband said the same as some of the former comments about the girls when in Shibuya. Until I reminded him what he and his friends spent their money for, like record collecting etc.

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Consumerism at it's worst. blatant consumption of tat.

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Tens of thousands of teenage girl shoppers? Have to think this would be fun to watch.

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That's why I don't like such women.

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Consumerism at it's worst. blatant consumption of tat.

Don't like it? Then don't buy anything then.

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"anybody want to swap the crappy stuff I just bought for the crappy stuff you just bought!!??" anybody anybody....

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Sounds like some folks here got a lump of coal from Santa.

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@badge213 coal can become diamond if you wait long enough.

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Can you buy a fukubukuro in Ikebukuro?

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"Damn. I missed it."

Me too. Damn.

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paulinusaJan. 03, 2014 - 08:24AM JST Tens of thousands of teenage girl shoppers? Have to think this would be fun to watch.

I might go and watch in 2015. Care to join me? haha

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like a bunch of roaches trying to pack themselves into a roach motel

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This is what social agency has become when people are raised to identify themselves mostly as consumers. They think they are free, but their freedom has been reduced to the mundane choice between brand A, B or C... Significant agency would be actually having a voice in the decision making processes that affect work, education, health, safety, environment and other conditions. This agency has been taken by corporate and political elites and what's left is shown in the picture above.

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