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Actor Liam Neeson and actress Arisa Mizuki attend the Japan premiere for "The Commuter" (titled "Train Mission" for Japan) at Roppongi Hills in Tokyo on Sunday night. Neeson, 65, plays a businessman caught up in a criminal conspiracy during his daily commute home in New York. The film opens in Japan on March 30.

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Liam playing to type but still looking chipper Arisa looks a bit odd in this pic.

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she must be wearing very high heels, because he’s 1.93m tall

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Looks like Liam spilt something on his shirt, or it's part of the shaggy look.

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@ Mizuki is 170 cm so with ordinary 10 cm heels you’ll get this result. Think twice before ...

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@ tooheysnew **

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Cool. Looks like a promo for Mutiny on the Bounty II.

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Cool. Looks like a promo for Mutiny on the Bounty II.

Well, Liam Neeson did appear in the 1984 version - The Bounty

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Yes Liam looks a bit scruffy next to lovely Arisa. Hope he did not try to pull off a St. Patrick's Day make on this lovely Japanese beauty. Her husband Koji has a very strong baseball pitchers right hand and I am sure a great punch to match. Well all in the spirit of great friendship we love seeing the Irish and Japanese getting on so well. Have a laugh on this comment and our support for actors who represent us very well in this troubled world. God bless from this Irish passport holder.  A "Plastic Paddy" hailing from both North & South America!

XXX  Juanito

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"The Commuter" (titled "Train Mission" for Japan)...

Why? If there was one country in the world familiar with the word commuter, it must surely be Japan.

I get the feeling distributors in Japan change western movie titles for fun and the Japanese titles are, with VERY few exceptions, inferior and sometimes plain stupid. Time for this practice to stop, methinks...

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Why is Arisa standing next to Liam Neeson in this premier?

She's not in the movie.

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My bad - didn’t know that 10cm high heels were ‘ordinary’

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@ tooheysnew

I understand, so I'll give you a mini-masterclass

On the first URL you see a German online site with, I fixed it for you, 8-10 cm heels

you'll notice that they look 'ordinary' under those legs:

With 'very high heels' you could of think of these:

International websites so you could order a nice pair for your girl-or boyfriend :)

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