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Tokyo Metro's manner poster for September asks commuters to be considerate when boarding a train with bulky items. It also says to "Please do it on the mountain," but doesn't specify what "it" is.

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The small print on the poster It says "refrain from making calls."

It does NOT say "refrain from receiving calls."

In other words, receiving is OK.

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I am disturbed by these pointless and ignorant posters. Shows everything that is wrong with these society, it's unique view on manners, and inability to identify individuals' problems and find unique solutions for them.

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With regard to this one:


I think it should be retitled as:

"Please mind your own business,you meddlesome rude old ratbag"

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I LOVE these posters!

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Check these ones out:


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Oh! btw, I think this poster is cute!

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Well if you didn't have rules regarding cell phone usage you would have everyone and their mother speaking on those things all over the train; basically talking nonsense. Could you imagine how loud that would get, like before rules were established at movie theaters. It used to drive me crazy all these teenagers allowing their phones to ring out of control and talking while the movie was going. I think rules are good if they make good sense like the cell phone usage. Laughter is okay I think as long as it doesn't get so out of control which can happen. Everyone is in such cramped spaces on a train so I think rules are extremely pertinent in such cases.

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These perps with bad manners need to be slapped upside the head!

Not until we get what constitutes bad manners completely clear and fairly decided. Some people get miffed if a conversation exceeds a certain decibel range that most of us find acceptable and they find laughter extremely rude. Meanwhile, they think nothing of the loud useless announcements and the noisy K-thunk K-thunk of the train. Obviously, its not the noise, its jealousy over others having a social life.

Even talking on the cell phone is not rude so long as one is not yelling into the phone. Its just petty jealousy guiding that one too.

Now you might have some idea of who I would like to slap upside the head...


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I agree with 007. These perps with bad manners need to be slapped upside the head!

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I've never understood why Tokyo Metro believe that anybody with manners so bad as to require a brightly-coloured harangue would pay any notice to a piece of paper stuck on a wall. What kind of thought process do they envisage?

Perp: Oh, I was in a world of my own listening to my filthy foreign modern music on my incomprehensible new-fangled gadget. But that piece of paper says I should give a moment's consideration to what that permanently-scared thin woman thinks. Fair enough, off it goes.

the perpetrators of poor manners are more often than not; salarymen in the 40-60 age range

Uranus - absolutely spot on. There is a leitmotif running through this campaign that states young people are responsible for all the ills of commuting.

Remember the one a few months ago that had a young totty putting on her make-up, which was verboten because a lipless old bat in the corner of the picture was looking at her sideways? What's the big deal about young foxtresses beautifying themselves even more? (Although I draw the line at hairspray, a quick touch-up with the lippy does my circulation the power of good).

What about a poster with said obaachan forcing ticket-purchasing passengers to stand because she's got her bag full of tins of catfood on the seat next to her? "Please do it on your own bleeding settee, reeking though it is with catsick and stale urine".

Or one with a combed-over, shiny-suited shatcho, knuckle-deep in his own sinuses, giving a forensic examination to the nicotine-brown boli his excavations recover? "Please do it any time you want a punch in the yellow-toothed mouth, you dirty sod"

Gets on my sodding nerves, this campaign. When I want nagging and lecturing about what I am doing, might do, or ever have done wrong, I will go home. I don't need it to my way to work as well.

Spend the money they wee away on this on getting some soap in the bogs. I'd much rather be on a train knowing that someone's been camping than knowing there are traces of faeces on every surface.

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Here is the answer:

The problem is not related to being with a Rucksack or heavy luggage in the train. The mentioned issues are:

1) putting the luggage on the floor instead of the overhead storage space.

2) Opening the Rucksack on the floor and taking out food and leaving it open

3) Eating on the train as if it were a picknick.

Basically it says - try to minimize the space you are using for your luggage and don't spread it all out on the floor and the seats.

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Although this series of posters are good comical relief and offer a chuckle on a gloomy subway ride, the perpetrators of poor manners are more often than not; salarymen in the 40-60 age range, rather than slovenly youngsters, as this series of PSAs would have us believe.

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Please do it on the mountain.

Better yet, why don't we do it in the road.

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"It also says to "Please do it on the mountain," but doesn't specific what "it" is."

I think the illustration specifics what "it" is very well!

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There is a video available on the internet of people "doing it" on the train in Japan.

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Hey, I'm going to the Hakone over the weekend. I'm going to print this out for the wife.

Honey, just following orders!


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I've wondered if the "...de yarou" is designed to make Japanese laugh at the play on the verb "yaru" which can also mean to have sex, right? So even if the picture doesn't really fit, when they read "Yama de yarou" it gives them a chuckle as they imagine doing it outdoors. Or should I just get my mind outta the gutter?

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nuh? what the... bulky belongings?? how else do they expect you to go hiking. Choose a not so busy time of day to travel, but even then...

Maybe if you could send baggage to specific coordinates on a mountain range it would solve the problem, but that rucksack is nothing compared to a trip back from Europe or the US. If I'm back from an extremely late flight then I don't really have much of a choice since I can't send the stuff via Yamato and the 4 suitcases join me on the Narita Express and then local train.

Ever seen a family of 6 coming back from a long holiday or a group of skiers on the local train.

I was sure the poster was for refraining from eating on the train, but how wrong was I when I read the sign. Maybe the guy should have his partner hold his backpack's for him.

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The others in this series have been cleverer than this one, as it doesn't really fit...

Anyway, I love them, too. "Do it at home!//Ie de yarou!" Those were the best!

RE: seats on trains. I don't expect men to give up their seat for me; however, there have been a few occasions where a seat became available and the Japanese man beside me motioned for me to take it. Let me tell you... I hugely appreciated that and after a mild protest or two, I sat down, with many thanks of course.

And to toot my own horn, I regularly give my seat to senior citizens, and have even put my bag on my seat to get up and get the attention of a senior who was a bit of a distance away (I've done this for those obviously in their 70s-80s, those who look a bit wobbly, etc.). I cannot understand how people can see them and not feel the need to give them a seat. It boggles my mind.

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It seems to me that they have already started picnic (relax, eat and drink) on board (o_O)

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do what on the mountain loiter?

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Hugharse: Christ! Just for not letting a bird sit down? I hate to think what he'd have done if a woman wanted to sit? You poor child...

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rjd - I won't give up my seat for a woman just simply because she's female. My father would kick your @rse dude! I was clipped around the ear as a kid if i didn`t get out of my seat for a bird.

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Love this poster series...

Altria, the animal puns were on the Seibu line, I think.

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Love these posters... Last month it was this http://twitpic.com/9jlg

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I like the terrible, terrible animal puns they used to have.

つめてスワロー 迷惑カンガルー

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Doesn't look too crowded anyway. I'm more concerned about that poser trying to show off by reading a book in public.

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rjd - I won't give up my seat for a woman just simply because she's female. Pregnant, injured, elderly, yes, but not just because she's a woman. I believe in equality of the sexes and, well, that means women have to stand with men on the trains, too.

To these posters - they're funny. I love them.

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How about signs showing fit or male passengers giving up their seats to the elderly, pregnant, and women in general? I believe some stations already announce this sorts of things but wouldn't hurt to do more to highlight it.

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According to this poster, it looks like they already did "it." Whatever "it" is.


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