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Enough Already.

Just let them be Royals without all the pseudo-religio-mytho taking center stage for weeks on.

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Someone please let Masako wear a beautiful kimono instead of that horrible outfit she's wearing. The Japanese royal family have long been influenced by the British royal family, who are well known for their stodgy, unattractive clothes. In this respect, at least, the Japanese have the option of wearing kimono, one of the most elegant forms of dress there is, and should not try to ape such awful dressers as Princess Anne or, now, the younger new royals who have been forced into lumpish middle-aged styles which please no-one.

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Someone please let Masako wear a beautiful kimono instead of that horrible outfit she's wearing. 

The Japanese royal ladies do get put into some dire 'fashion', but this outfit is even worse than usual; no colour, no shape and topped with another one of those eternal pillbox hats that her granny probably wore.

It's always one of two extremes - either godawful western so-called 'formal', or o-hina-sama.

There's good-looking western fashion, and lovely kimono. No need for this ..... abomination.

Each of the royals could adopt a modern Japanese fashion designer or two and showcase the look to the world, thus combining their decorative aspect with something more profitable to the country.

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After all of these ceremonies I do hope the emperor and empress get on Nippon Kaiti's case before it is too late.

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You don't see heels like those much these days

Naruhito: can still find 'em

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The emperor’s trousers are a bit dodgy as well.

Can’t he wear a pair of purple flares to lighten things up a bit?

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Agree with comments re' attire. The Imperial household has but a fleeting chance to communicate what they're about in these photos, yet to me it paints an image of yesterdayness, not with the time.

At the same time the look is not classical timelessness (that perhaps traditional garb could espouse) either.

Is it a case of not paying enough for a more competent PR team? Even sports stars seem to project their image more confidently in Japan.

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The emperor’s trousers are a bit dodgy as well.

He's wearing a morning suit. They come with striped trousers.

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