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May Day rally


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Amazing, over a 1,000 Japanese citizens publicly marching against Abe and constitution reform.

And yet again, a shining example of Japanese activism that refutes the outdated stereotypes of all Japanese citizens as being apathetic, apolitical, and afraid to stand out against the grain in public.

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What's that sign with bathing and Mori all about? The one Kim is holding?

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Until there exists a REAL for the people NOT just the rich and powerful government in Japan NOTHING will ever change for the good and benefit of the populace !

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Pukey2: I understand the wordplay related to Moritomo and Kake, but why they chose to indicate it through satirical bathing rules is beyond me.

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Abe is doing a good job. Leave well enough alone.

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Perhaps just you and some other guys were holding onto those relics of thought? A shining example...lol

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They are not ordinary Japanese. They are union people. Many Japanese don't do so such a terrible thing but those union people are almost communist party and domocratic party. Rengo(big union group) support democratic party also. Government worker's union is one of the biggest union in this, and they try to denounce Japanese government. Many Japanese appraise Abe but Japanese TV and newspapers are support union and democratic party , they always bashing them.

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