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A poster in a Tokyo subway station asks for public cooperation in the fight against terrorism.

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Do we judge a person by the expression on the face? If facial expression would define a person action then the world is in trouble as well as the criminal system. Some people wake up looking like this but that is not a sign of terrorist.

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You know, to look on the positive side - using a famous actor like Yutaka Matsushige to promote fighting terrorism isn't such a bad idea. Something like this might be just what the US needs at this moment. The scourge of domestic terrorism has ravaged the USA for quite a while. Just look at the past five years especially and see what's been happening. Look at all the hateful violent attitudes and actions that's been stinking things up in America. I think we need messages like this much more than Japan does.

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A big face on a subway station wall, looking like a Big Brother figure but he's upset.

It must be said that Japan's worst terrorism in modern times was that 1995 Tokyo gas attack that the Aum Shinrikyo cult unleashed.

savethegaijinJan. 28  08:40 am JST

How though?

Aren't almost all terrorists in Japan Japanese?

Am I supposed to report every 170-180cm Japanese man, 25-40 years old with black hair, black clothes wearing a mask? Cause that's the description of almost every terrorist ever in Japan...

Just what does a terrorist look like, anyway? Some terrorists wear suit and ties are in high positions and scream down at the public that they detest.

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Looking at the poster, first I'm going to wonder if that is a man or a woman, which will distract me from the message, Stop Terrorism.

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Looks like he has a bad case of hemorrhoids or a Japanese politician.

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With that expression, it seems that he can't wait for Season 10.

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Only terrorism in Japan has been homegrown 100% grade A Japanese. Are they paranoid of other Japanese people?

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Japanese advertising makes very little sense even to native Japanese. Just grab some random "talento" and put their face on an advertisement. Rinse and repeat because no one really cares!

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I don't know could that be the point?

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I am sorry but that guy is creepy and weird.

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Why do they use this guy? He is always hungry. 孤独グルメ。I am currently watching his Season 9 :)

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Nice poster. The model is rather dashing in a Dashiell Hammett manner.

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I am surprised that nobody noticed that the man on the poster is the famous actor Yutaka Matsushige.

I won't comment on the effectiveness/cleverness of the poster but I think it's interesting that they choose this guy, out of anybody else, to be displayed here.

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Write the message in English

I read English in the poster, do you??..

This place is such a pathetic joke at times.

Tissue ??..

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Stop scaremongering and increasing xenophobia.

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The sub-rosa message is, "prepare to have your rights and privacy violated by over zealous and under trained police officers who single you out due to your immutable physical characteristics".

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Im surprised they used a vaguely Japanese looking character on the poster and didn't outright put a picture of a gaijin on there. Either way, what a waste of taxpayers' money - nobody in the stations has time to look at these posters. Too busy trying to get from A to B.

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KevinMcgueToday  08:30 am JST

Is this man supposed to be a terrorist, or a person pissed off by terrorists?

A terrorist p!ssed off at other terrorists for stealing his thunder.

Anyway, they should've given more prominence to little テロちゃん down in the corner. She'll melt the icy hearts of those terrorists with her cute expression and heartwarming slogan.

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What a horrible poster...

greeted first thing in the morning not with art, or fanciful advertising, but with a scowling face on your commute, Big Brother exhorting you to fight the terrorists and defend Airstrip One in the never ending war.

No wonder people get hostile.

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From a recent assessment of “Terrorism” emerging in Japan:

“The recent terrorism situation has been characterized by the presence of foreign terrorist fighters. More than 30,000 persons are believed to have traveled to Iraq and Syria from more than 100 countries. It is reported that during 2018, the number of foreign terrorist fighters moving from Iraq and Syria to Afghanistan increased. We should keep an eye on the future trends of foreign terrorist fighters.

Therefore, it is necessary to promptly detect and prevent such threats. Furthermore, in recent years, it has become noticeable that in terrorist attacks, easily obtainable weapons such as knives and vehicles are used. Since knives and vehicles are less regulated and easier to obtain than bombs and firearms, it is an issue how to detect the move of terrorists and prevent the attacks in the preparation stage. In addition, it is necessary to properly grasp the science and technology that can be abused by terrorists such as forged identification cards, 3D printers, small drones, explosive materials, and information and communications technology, and those who abuse them.

It is necessary for the police to take all possible measures to prevent terrorist attacks, by strengthening cooperation with relevant organizations, as well as information-gathering and analysis.” -

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Wait, a campaign with no cute mascot?!?

...Oh, there it is.

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Somehow I don't think members of AUM know English or Arabic as well as they know Japanese. I could also say the same about those guys who set fire inside train carriages or those who slashed people with knives. I'd say the poster is fine, minus the English part.

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What might be the method in the J-government's extravagant expenditure on its "anti-terrorism" poster campaign that has penetrated deep into the provinces where it's not uncommon to see signs standing in fields like scarecrows. Could it be "Be Afraid! VERY AFRAID!" ("but don't worry, the LDP has your back")?

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This place is such a pathetic joke at times.

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The Japanese answer to any problem is always "campaign!" I'd love to be in the room when they were discussing the face they wanted on the poster. "No, we can't have foreigner as that will make foreigners angry" "How about angry oyaji in his 40's? That way we split the difference between the young and the elderly" "Ok, but lets grey his hair more because he is probably greying from all his inner stress and demons"

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How do I, personally, go about "stopping terrorism"? Isn't that the cops' job? Do they want me to conduct surveillance on suspected hideouts?

I'm going to put a poster in a police station exhorting the officers to "Stop dirty dishes left in JeffLee's sink overnight."

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He looks like one of those cute puppies on YouTube that is upset because he woke up too early on a cold winter morning. Not scary but so cute little upset puppy!

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How though?

Aren't almost all terrorists in Japan Japanese?

Am I supposed to report every 170-180cm Japanese man, 25-40 years old with black hair, black clothes wearing a mask? Cause that's the description of almost every terrorist ever in Japan...

I'll just do what I always do when I see someone being creepy in Japan and I'll just nope my way out of there.

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Is this man supposed to be a terrorist, or a person pissed off by terrorists?

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Yes, this is what we need. More ridiculous posters.

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Write the message in English and Arabic ..... Writing it in Japanese will not help stop terrorism ..

Low information post. Checks recent terrorist acts in Japan:


Suspect Kazuhiro Kusakabe

English and Arabic speaker presumably?

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Write the message in English and Arabic ..... Writing it in Japanese will not help stop terrorism ..

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Because stern looks have been known to deter terrorists. Does the large part of police duties entail making campaign posters and checking the IDs of foreigners?

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What terrorism?

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