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Medal mania


London Olympics women's table tennis team silver medalists, Kasumi Ishikawa, left, Sayaka Hirano, third left, Ai Fikuhara, fifth left, wave with Hiromi Miyake, fourth left, who won the silver medal in women's 48kg weightlifting, and others at cheering people during a parade of Japanese Olympic medalists in Ginza on Monday. The big letters on the banner read: Thank you for your support.

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Thank you all for the thrills and excitement! See you in Rio!

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Okaeri. Yoku dekimashita.

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Thank you for your support. .............................so the ladies get to fly business class on the way home ?

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@Oberst Ladies football did. But only after media reports on how the men teams routinely flew up front. I don't know if any of the other women on team Japan got upgraded.

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The job well done.

Among all countries participated in the Olympics, I have noticed that Japan was the only country carrying Japanese flag and UK flag during opening ceremony. Japan, you have shown the "class" to world audience. I was very impressed!

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Half a million line the streets of Ginza yesterday ... I thought it was a bit quiet out there ...

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Only true Olympians could wear those long sleeved jackets on a 34 degree day like that!

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