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Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko are greeted by Sochi Winter Olympic figure skating gold medalist Yuzuru Hanyu (bowing deep) along with ski jumping silver and bronze medalist Noriaki Kasai, second right, and snowboard silver medalist Tomoka Takeuchi, right in kimono, at a spring garden party at the Akasaka Imperial Garden in Tokyo on Thursday. About 2,000 guests attended the party which is held twice a year, in spring and autumn. Other members of the imperial family, except Crown Princess Masako, also attended.

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Once again, poor Masako was not allowed out. Walking along, bowing and smiling is too stressful for her, I suppose.

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Once again, poor Masako was not allowed out.

Perhaps, or perhaps she did not want to attend.

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He's been practicing his whole life for this one bow.

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That's a deep bow? I've seen way deeper bows than that.

Kasai seemed quite pleased to talk to the emperor.

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His back is not straight, and his hands are not properly placed... Somebody did not trained in advance for this bow...

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Oh, come on. That last sentence is just comment bait! These Japanese Olympic athletes are meeting their Emperor and Empress to be congratulated in person for winning their medals, for crying out loud -- can you even comprehend what this must be like for them? Why tarnish this by introducing speculation about Masako? This is not about her.

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I saw this on TV. Hanyu really has the guts to perform well in any situation. He was very calm and was talking like he was an actual prince!

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If I was in the same situation... I would probably get all sweaty, mumbles and shaking...

That Hanyu kid is really special, Kasai also he has my respects.

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Is the Empress getting her fashion advice directly from Queen Elizabeth?

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Shhh, the Emperor and Empress are talking..."Is this the lad who fell and still won gold?" "Yes dear".

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apart from the content of the news, i like to say that even royal family members of Japan wear western style clothes in traditional ceremonies etc and this is really wierd! be yourself Japan!

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Jeez, give it up people. It's a nice moment. For all we know Hanryu bowed lower than the split second the photo was taken. Great moment for the athletes!

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There are comment writers that tell us how to bow to Japanese Emperor. Also royal family have been wearing western attires since Meiji Ishin,

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