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U.S. first lady Michelle Obama speaks with Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko upon her arrival at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo on Thursday.

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The Empress is like, "that dress... cannot... look.... away...."

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I'll take the fashion of Obama and Middleton over the drab greys and browns of the Japanese royals and first lady.

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@sci pant : First lady is wearng summer short pant suit set. Not dress. She is visiting Japan in Spring. No Winter pant suit. Someone designed elegantly. You are right. Empress is gasing Michelle's flowers/ Maybe Kunaicho will change clothing policy and she will be able to wear more colorful clothes.

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I'm sure she's trying to figure out the name of the flower to tell Michelle.

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Gees, there is more context to this photo... but tosh? marilita? look close at the FLOTUS outfit print - I see leaves. Fall color leaves.

Not to detract from First Lady Obama or the royals greeting.

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LOL@what the emperor is wearing.

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Laughs, Interstat..

We are being entirely unfair. Almost as if he was wearing no clothes.

(Bad joke. Sorry. I do respect the royals)

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The picture could have been taken from a better angle, Obama looks huge by comparison.

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Emperor Akihito is dressed impeccably. The cuff lines are perfect.

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Lesson One: U.S. First lady should have never worn bright red flowery patterned clothes for the first visit to Japanese Emperor and Empress. This tells you how little Americans know about Japan, the Japanese custom and the Japanese culture. You don't decorate (admire) yourself; instead, you decorate (admire) others (in this case, the host and hostess). It is still a long way to go for Americans to understand Japanese although I am certain that there must have been serious advisers to provide Mrs. Obama with a common sense on how to greet with Japanese Emperor and Empress. They completely failed this one!

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I think Ms. Obama looks great and so does what she is wearing. She is the first lady of her country. She is free to wear what she would like to wear.

However, I agree with Yubaru. The angle makes Ms. Obama seem to tower over the royal couple. Before I clicked on the photo, I thought that maybe the Emperor and Empress were seated and Ms. Obama standing.

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The picture could have been taken from a better angle, Obama looks huge by comparison.

It won't make a difference. Mrs Obama is at least 5'10 and would tower over the average Japanese.

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Reminds me of the scene from the "Wizard Of Ozz"- when Dorthy arrived in munchkinland and was greeted by the "munchkins".

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