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Members of an idol group greet fans at the Tokyo Idol Festival 2013 in Odaiba on Saturday. The festival, which runs until Sunday, is expected to draw 20,000 fans each day to meet and greet sessions where fans pay to shake the girls' hands.

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This is just whacked out on so many different levels.

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Shelling out money for a handshake. Sheesh. I wonder what the going rate is for that privilege/thrill.

The body language in this photo is revealing. Both the girl on the left and the one on the right have their hands up to their foreheads. I see this one a lot by Japanese people when they feel slightly uncomfortable.

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In the first photo, 9 out of 11 fans are men. In the second, those two fans are definitely post-teen men.

Kawaii: It's a guy thing.

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This is just whacked out on so many different levels.

Ya I been here near half my life, but some things I will just never get. 1st of all, wasting time to stand in line to meet somebody who isn't really famous. 2nd, you are an adult male 3rd you just paid to shake a stranger's hand 4th you are doing all this on your one day off in a month on a job that doesn't pay you enough to make it worth it to pay for a hand shake 5th it just goes on infinitely forever, it is just weird nonsense.

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I see the the nerdy Otaku loving idols federation is out in force here today! ROFLMAO!

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Also, I have decided I am not really into the faux-sexy shoulder-hole look.

Other parts bared can be sexy but an oval on the shoulders just doesn't work. I can' t wait til next month when it goes out of fashion...

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"Oh wow... I touched a girl's hand! I'll never wash it again... "

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And the name of the "idol group" is ...?

Just an idol question.

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It looks like everyone here enjoyed themselves.

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I like it when women keep their natural hair color . So cool.

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These "meat" and greets are what allows Japan to be #1 in music sales. = 1 persons buys 40 AKB48 albums. Without this people just illegally download or rip (YouTube) and the music market dies.

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wow. The guy on the far left totally destroys the myth of idol fans being fat, sweaty 20 somethings with a confused sense of fashion.

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Why isn't this money being donated used to rebuild Tohoku.

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If it were AKB 48, one ticket good for all 48 members ?

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There is one Idol group that I support.They also did their time at this Tokyo Idol Fest before.What is fun about them is the way they ignore all the conventional idol stereotypes.Their fan base is a real mix.Take a look at Momoiro Clover Z.


This festival is a great showcase for new and upcoming Indie Idol groups who along with their management have an eye on the fame and profit out there.No matter what you think of AKB48 or Morning Musume they are proven money makers.The girls get to live their dreams till graduation,and see the reality of the industry.

How different are we really in the West with our TV talent shows that spew out the next so called star! Producers trying to create the next Bieber or Gaga!(Yes I know Bieber was found and not produced)

Music,fandom,Idol worship is not a bad thing,plenty more in this world to vent your righteous indignation on.And JT will always drip feed AKB stories as they keep everyone chatting,me included

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The girls get to live their dreams till graduation,and see the reality of the industry.

So their dream is to be a 16 year old girl being idolized for being a 16 yo girl who is idolized... ? Is that like a real dream you can have and pursue? It sounds to me like someone who doesn't get any love or acknowledgement at home, going out and selling themselves cheap for fake love.

Because it is certainly not about the music, or the dancing. Unless your dream is to be a singer or dancer with mediocre skills and also absolutely no spirit or personality or human understanding to impart in your art...

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Idol worship is not a bad thing

if you believe that it has no effect on the maturity level or critical thinking skills of a society.

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Who said 'money cant buy me love?' Let them pay for a bit of happiness..

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