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Nothing says "Rugby" like two cute fluffy mascots!

These have got to be the least Rugby mascots conceivable

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Nobody does this better than Japan - although I'd rather Ren & Stimpy, myself!

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Nothing says "Rugby" like two cute fluffy mascots

Have to promote the World Cup to the masses in Japan. As of today, not everyone knows or even cares about the Rugby World Cup coming next year.

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They might have at least called them Rug and Bee!

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Nothing says "Rugby" like two cute fluffy mascots!

Cute?? I dunno, there is something sinister about both of them; might be from the grin, or the red eyelashes that resemble devil's horn. Or probably I'm just too old to care about mascots anyway...

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Another event that Japan seems to be seriously overestimating the popularity of.

This is not the football world cup.

They may just fill up the stadiums, though.

Domestically, the niwaka fans will feign interest as long as the foreign-mercenary-lead Japanese team remains in the tournament.

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Where the ワイルド Things are.

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As mascots go, they certainly hit the spot.

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Those mascots do not say "rugby" to me in any way, shape, or form. Not as awful as the Olympics anime critters, though.

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Also, where are the tattoos on Ren and G...?

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These two should show some support for diversity and being logical and cover themselves with tats.

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