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Mega Dream Summer Matsuri


Members of idol group AKB48 pose at Fuji TV headquarters at an event Monday to promote Mega Dream Summer Matsuri 2015 which runs from July 18 until August 31. The festival will feature performances by artists and comedians, a special menu by highly ranked restaurants (those with more than 4.0 points in Tabelog), traditional dancing, 20-meter bungee jumping and a large water park which turns into a lit-up dance space at night.

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Cool, a large water park which turns into a lit-up dance space at night. Will the pool feature floating bars? Will tattoos be banned? Dance space lit up for traditional bon-odori dance or hotties in bikinis dancing like they used to @Zushi?

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The kimonos they are wearing are called yukatas. People wear in Summer evenings

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I wish everyone to enjoy their summer.

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Lovely selection of kimonos. I wish they were worn more often.

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Hooray for visual cacophony...

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They should be called NAT48 (No Actual Talent)

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Sounds like the perfect summer event! Wish I could attend :)

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