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In this photo released by Tokyo Electric Power Co, a storage megafloat leaves Yokohama Sunday on its way to Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. It will be used to store a large volume of radioactive-contaminated water from the tsunami-crippled nuclear complex.

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Not sure why...but something seems wrong. Could a tsunami destroy this thing and send it inland or what?

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Will that safely contain the water? And how long will that water have to be stored there?

This disaster has been a real financial disaster for TEPCO.

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It's already sitting so low in the water I have to wonder how useful it will be. Are they going to pump the current ballast out prior to pumping radioactive water in? They'd almost have to because you wouldn't want to mix ballast water with radioactive water, THEN start pumping it overboard.

I wonder how close they'll be able to get the barge to the reactors before it hits bottom?

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Most of nuclear power plans have used some technologies and produced nuclear waste, so they have to create special equipments or solutions to meet their environmental safety standards. I am not a tech in such field, but it is better to store contaminated water into this floating tanker than dump into an ocean. But how long it becomes safe, we don't know.

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100 000 years. (That is how long they calculate nuclear waste have to stay under the ground in this Onkalo thing they are building in Finland.)

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could this thing survive a meteor strike?!!1111 What are TEPCO thinking - they're playing with our lives!

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