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A Shinto priest leads a newlywed couple, a bride, with white headgear under an umbrella, and bridegroom, to her right, together with their parents and relatives at Meiji Shrine in Tokyo on Saturday.

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lovely day today for a wedding, omedeto !

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I went at Meiji Shrine too on December last year, and also saw the ceremony rituals. There was like four weddings in that afternoon.. It was really nice to have the chance to witness this japanese tradition, all the tourists and non-tourists were taking pictures even from the family's photo session after the wedding (Yes, I took A LOT!! lol) I was delighted! Wonderful place to visit!

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It is a great experience of having a wedding ceremony in the Shinto ritual and traditional customs.

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Being such an outsider it is hard for me to realize these traditions have been going on for so many years in Japan.

For in North American the USA & Canada have such a short history in life & so much more.

Very pretty to my eyes

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Meiji Shrine is the famous place for Japanese traditional ceremonies hold

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