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Meiji memorial


Emperor Akihito walks toward a main shrine building to offer prayers at a memorial event marking the centennial anniversary of the death of Emperor Meiji, at Meiji Shrine in Tokyo on Wednesday.

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It is hard to be humble when one is perfect in all ways.

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One more thing pinkpike, there is a fair argument that whatever Japan is today is larger due to what happened after World War II.

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Whatever Japan is today is because of Emperor Meiji no doubt about that. As winner of Meiji restoration Centennial competition in 1968 among foreign students in Japan I would like to extend my heart felt congratulation (Omedeto gojaimas) to Emperor Akihito and Japanese people & Japanese Government.

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I think wontond was talking about the ceremonial get-up the priest is wearing. Also, look in Akihito's hand for the top hat. They are commenting on the actual picture, rather than the content of the story (yes, it's valid to do so).

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What the heck do the above comments have to do with the story? Confused?

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I must be awesome to be able to wear a top hat around anytime.

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It must be very uncomfortable wearing those suits in the middle of summer.

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