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A customer looks at a special booth set up for the late pop superstar Prince at a music shop in Tokyo, Friday. Prince was found dead at his home in suburban Minneapolis on Thursday. He was 57.

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the guy just passed away a few hours.. thunder speed capitalism at its finest.

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thunder speed capitalism at its finest

Oh ye of little faith! 'Tis but a shrine.

The less religious have the 'sad' emoji on fakebook.

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A plan for Friday afternoon...get drunk, listen to 'Pop Life' followed by 'The Ladder' from Prince's 'Around the World in a Day' album and cry like a baby. Just like I'm doing now.

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Going to my last drive-in movie to see Purple Rain, plus going to one of the 7 sold-out shows in my city for that tour. Not a big fan but everyone listened to 1999 and PR back then. The ejaculating guitar...too funny.

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They had a lot of sales with the number of deaths in the entertainment industry so far in 2016, and it's only April.

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The top songs on iTunes download


Interest in Prince’s music exploded hours after the death of the multi-talented U.S. rock, funk and pop idol. By Thursday evening, eight out of the 10 most popular digital song downloads bought on Apple’s iTunes Store were from the Minnesota-born artist, with his signature “Purple Rain” supplanting Lukas Graham’s “7 Years” as the best-selling track, followed by “Little Red Corvette” and “1999.”

Prince’s full albums were also the most popular iTunes picks, led by two “best of” compilations, followed by “Purple Rain.” Seven of the 10 most popular albums on iTunes as of Thursday evening were from Prince.

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For months now the news has been dominated by Trump, today Trump is trumped by a Prince. In years to come when the noise of Trump will be just an unpleasant memory, There will still be Prince.

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@ Thunderbird

My thoughts exactly.

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57 is not very old.

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I thought he was The Artist Formerly Known As Prince...

Purple Rain, Purple Rain...

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@Black Sabbath, 57 is plenty old if you may have an opiate addiction. He was in the hospital last week for what may have been an overdose. He apparently needed both hips replaced, but couldn't have the operation because he has been a Jehovah's Witness since 2001 and can't have blood transfusions. I could see needing large amounts of opiates to manage the pain in that case.

@Serrano, He started using the name "Prince" again after he finished his contract with Warner Brothers in 2000

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