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Message for Obama, Abe


Japanese protesters hold placards to protest against U.S. President Barack Obama and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, at the Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima, on Thursday, a day before the leaders arrive in the city.

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In 2012 if I made a sign, No Obama would be on it. No Nukes would be nice but lil boy king Kimme would never relent. No bases, sure, save USA bucks!, no wars....if only!

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Message for two persons, one will be replaced shortly, the other one, dear leader is immune to protests.

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It's the Xi Jinping fan club!

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Im not entirely sure what they mean to achieve.

No nukes, perhaps but if several neighbours have them its a harder position to be in to not have any.

No War, I wish it were the case but tensions in the area only seem to be increasing.

No bases, well given the first two things, despite the burden people see it as I have no doubt its a deterrent for those with regional aspirations.

There doesn't seem to be a good answer.

As far as the bases and their personal, they should be absolutely held to the highest standards, but I don't see the same outrage to "ban" all 40 year odd japanese guys who like Jpop stars every time they do something wrong, or "ban" all "stressed out/I don't remember" guys as well. Crime, it sucks but it happens.

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"No Abe" would suffice! I'd support that.

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That's right, lady. You got your 1000 yen and free lunch to hold the mass produced sign by whatever fool or interest group is behind the sign. So, hide behind your hat and the message you hold and pray no one notices.

The message itself makes no sense. I can understand being against Abe if they are truly anti-war (and not just out for a quick buck), but Obama's purpose in showing up in Hiroshima is to promote the abolishment of nuclear weapons, and to present an anti-war message. It makes no sense to be "No Obama! No War!" in this case.

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A strange protest. I wonder who they are and who organised this. It seems there have been protests but most have been airbrushed out of media coverage. Why is this image being promoted by Fuji Sankei and not others?



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I don't see their point for doing this. If they are opposed to nukes, why would they be against that Abe and Obama visit Hiroshima?

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These people are so out of touch with reality. Perhaps they should send their sons & daughters to the SDF if they really don't want US Bases. As far Abe. . . wonder how many of these protesters voted for him.

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"Asian Americans for Trump" "Asians for Trump" Just some of the many Asian groups in the US who are supporting Trump.

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Nothing say genuine protester like a photocopied banner.

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But if it reads "No nukes (comma) base and war (exclamation point)" Doesn't that mean they are opposed to nuclear weapons, but are excited about the base and war?

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They are against phony politicians, that is clear.

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The sign that makes the least sense is the one held by the man. "We oppose Abe&Obama' Visit to Hiroshima No Nukes, Base&War!"

Why in the world do they protest the visit if they don't want nukes? Obama's visit is meant for him to understand better the effects and deliver a message for denuclearization. This only shows the protesters have no idea what is going on at all.

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Wonderful. What kind of lunatics are these people? What world are they in?

One would think that having two world leaders meet to talk would always be a good thing. However badly people might feel about the bases, they have more or less kept peace in Asia a REALITY for 70 years. That is the crux of the matter. Who would possibly imagine that destabilizing Asia now, based on some idealist musings, could further the interests of peace?

I think naive political activists get so twisted around with their crazy logic that they can't see that their arguments just make no sense. It is like Greenpeace campaigning against nuclear power, driving people to coal instead. They just yell so loudly that they lose the plot.

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It still just amazes me how very stupid and clueless these people are. I'm not saying protesters in general at all, but do these people have ANY idea what they are protesting? I mean, they are LITERALLY protesting leaders coming to Hiroshima and at the same time claim to be demanding peace, and Obama is here FOR THAT PURPOSE. You shouldn't need to tell these fools that protesting the people coming to say they hope for nuclear weapons to be abolished is not a very effective way to convey a "no nuclear weapons" message. I hope these people are approached and told how dumb they are, and why, and how much worse whomever got them to do it is. I'm guessing an Okinawa/Sankei newspaper effort.

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