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Message for Olympic visitors


A poster at a subway station in Tokyo explains what spectators at Olympic events can and can't bring to the venues with them.

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Why is the message for spectators in English?

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what spectators at Olympic events 

or, you can skip the brutal heat and excess trouble and watch women’s beach volleyball on 4k at the bar while drinking beer

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Foreign brotherhood army,

Why is the message for spectators in English?

Because, unlike the Japanese Olympic committee or the IOC which can’t make a decision in under two years, the venues probably had these posters printed up two years ago (in anticipation of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics) and now, realizing no foreign visitors are coming, slapped them up to empty space in their warehouse.

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Its sunny and 35C and you can't take frozen drink pouches or a water bottle with more than 750ml or water. Yet more evidence that we are all just little people to be bossed around by this stupid charade we are paying for ourselves.

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"A taste check will be required before entry"

What? Does this mean some old geezer will be taking a mouthful of your under 750 ml water bottle before you're allowed in? Ewwwww....

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Assuming there will be fans.

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Is covid on the list?

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Why is the message for spectators in English?

For all of the overseas spectators coming.

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vendingmachinemusicToday 11:23 am JST

For all of the overseas spectators coming.

Wasn't there a ban on all foreigners from foreign countries? Last I remember, only people with Japanese citizenship were allowed to return from abroad.

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I've got a better slogan, "Don't bother!"

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What visitors ????

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