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"庶民の生活" (Life of Common People) - a very typical Japanese Communist Party's slogan for last 70 years.

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I bet those people are blaming the Olympics for the nrs of Covid19 cases in Tokyo, that are only because of the increase in number of testing centers and testing numbers.

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I sympathize with the people but I have been really enjoying this Olympics.

Such a headache.

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Euro dude. That completely neglects the data and the genuine reason for the spread of the contagion. Which is the propensity for the youth to ignore social distancing, use of masks in social situation and refuse immunization. And, once again a holiday (marine & sports day) that results in behavior that ignores protocols.

As for the Olympics over a 150 cases to date, upon which you can graph and exponential, but not linear spread, times six, times six, on and on, until it flames out due to immunization and protocols.

There is no genuine or actual reason for the Olympics. The cost of the event is a loss from the very beginning of the process, which requires enormous sums. No financial institution(s) or business enterprise would invest such sums, which require infrastructure and ongoing services & resources. Only a federated or large urban government can provide such monies - all at a loss to the taxpayers. Contractors, media corporations, service industry and the IOC will profit. For Japan, in particular, there will be a loss exceeding 25 billion USD. Protesting is certainly welcome. To assert that the Olympics will not inflict SARSCoV-2 into the body social, is false. It has already happened and the 'numbers' will tally over the next six weeks.

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@Euro Dude,

Whether you agree or disagree with the protestors, it is very evident that the increase in cases in Tokyo is NOTHING to do with an increase in testing! See yesterday's record breaking positives - 3,865 from just 12,000 tests.

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