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Japanese champion Akira Yaegashi, right, lands a right to Mexican challenger Martin Tecuapetla in the 12th round of their IBF world light flyweight boxing title match in Tokyo on Sunday night. Yaegashi retained his title by a 2-1 decision.

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Both fighters' face not look good so it must be good fight.

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If two people want to get in the ring and fight, who is anyone to stop them?

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Here in the states, there's a lot of hand-wringing about kids playing football and taking repeated blows to the head, yet there's hardly a peep about kids in the poverty areas trying to use boxing as a way to make money. In football the goal isn't to cause concussions, but in boxing, the PRIMARY goal is to cause such a heavy concussion that the opponent is rendered unconscious. Yet nobody mentions that. :-/

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looks a bit like sylvester stallone's mum

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Granted Akira got mostly famous due Kaneda's Bike, even though feet first rides already existed. I like older stuff like Jin-Roh( but prefer the 2 Tokusatsu Movies that preceded it), Votoms, Dougram, etc.

Anime really covers most themes and genres.

Ashita no Joe is a classic about a Boxer that secretly supports an Orphanage.

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Akira, pleazzze one the most overrated and over hyped Anime just because for most it was 1st known exposure to Anime.

Akira is the only anime I've ever liked. I haven't watched that much, but what I did was pretty boring (to me). I've always found Akira interesting though.

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Akira, pleazzze one the most overrated and over hyped Anime just because for most it was 1st known exposure to Anime.

With the above picture all it reminds me of is "Ashita no Joe".

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long live AKIRA!!!!!!!!!!! yes,,, the Anime you all know!!!!

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Now that's a great pic, superb timing. Feeling concussed just looking at it.

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Yaegashi is a hero.

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It's a great pic, even if you loathe boxing, not the facial expression so much as the angle of Maegashi.

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I love 'em. It's a testosterone thing.

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Well I suppose it's better than randomly mugging people on the street but I personally hate violent, so-called "sports"...

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Haha I love this picture!

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