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Mikimoto Christmas tree


A 10-meter-tall Christmas tree from Gunma Prefecture stands in front of jewelry shop Mikimoto in Tokyo's Ginza district.

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And will be promptly pulled down and turned into chopsticks on the 26th.

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It's ineresting how a closed and homegonous society such as the Japanese embraced this totaly foreign holiday as if it was rooted in it .

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Nothing says peace on earth and goodwill toward humankind like a big, fat, expensive piece of jewelry. Peace and love don't last, but diamonds are forever.

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Wow, what a big christmas tree.

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wow...that's a gorgeous Christmas tree..it certainly will be in my Xmas illuminations photos list for this year...:)

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That's a nice looking Christmas Tree

I do not like the one solid colors. Like ONLY Blue Lights, ONLY White lights.

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Japanese always get Christmas technically right but miss the point completely. Its just another cold winter day for romulus. I even hate it when they give me gifts. Its just a cliche. Romulus knows to get back to Italy to enjoy a real Christmas despite the cost of air travel.

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I wonder how many people will actually appreciate the beauty of the tree in these troubled times.

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It's beautiful.

"And will be promptly pulled down and turned into chopsticks on the 26th"

On the 25th. Nyuk nyuk nyuk!

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