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The genie from Aladdin's lamp reminds subway commuters not to use their smartphones while walking in this poster put up at Toei subway stations in Tokyo.

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Good luck with that. The people here seem pretty oblivious to Aladdin and his magic carpet is on the wrong side of the Braille tiles with the train barrelling in.

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I agree with Mocheake

Good luck with that.

Japanese people are Mobile Phone addict.

Start to tell an addict person to stop using his drug....

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To further add on what the other posters said, in true Japanese web design, imho the poster is a mess. It takes some time to know what’s happening and even then I’m not 100% sure of the message.

Is Aladdin using a lamp, and the genie to respect the ‘safe distance’ and help the falling girl?

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You shouldn't rub your lamp in public.

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In a country so obsessed with its own manga culture and, inclined to nationalist thinking it makes me wonder again why they would use a foreign story character to showcase bad behaviour and indeed each of the foreign characters displaying bad behaviour.

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Nice yet illuminative cartoon. More, more..

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Perhaps surprisingly, I have no smartphone. And Now I see Picture of The Day. Yes, as it happens, I will buy a smartphone today and never want be a smartphone zombie. Good luck with that. I will try to mind my manners. ;‑)

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The flying carpet's expression suggests the poor thing's led a sheltered life.

Is it outraged that the genie is maskless?

Is that carpenter using Find My Toolbox?

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Personal space here is weird. Have noticed that from day one. You can take a non-Japanese and a Japanese and even without a phone in hand, and put them at either end of a soccer field and tell them to walk, they will run into each other within 15 seconds.

Poorly designed poster.

Just make more really loud announcements and then make them in English, grammatically incorrect of course. From the first train station door opening to the last shutter closing.

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Let them their last brains, please. That’s btw why it is called a smartphone. Nowadays, only the phones are smart, not the bearer. In earlier days, there were no such mobile phones at all and therefore we had and still now have all the world’s knowledge and daily orientation senses in our heads. And of course admitted, we wouldn’t have screwed our heads off too then, when walking and driving, or had done or would anyone of you do? lol

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These posters are hilarious. If only they knew...

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It's like the chicken and the egg. Are people here immature because the authorities treat them like children? Or are the authorities treating people like children because they behave like children?

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