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Newly crowned Miss International 2013 Bea Rose Santiago of the Philippines, center, poses with first runner-up Miss Netherlands Nathalie den Dekker, left, and second runner-up Miss New Zealand Casey Radley on stage after the 53rd Miss International Beauty Pageant in Tokyo on Tuesday night. Representatives from 67 countries and regions from all over the world took part in the pageant. See story here.

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wow! congratulation thank you ms.philippines you made us proud again ...

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Very nice.

By the way Miss Philippines got robbed this year at the Miss Universe.

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How many of these contests are there? World? Universe? Earth? International? And where did Japan (which has a proud history in these types of pageant) come, JT?

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Congrats! You make us proud. MABUHAY!

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This must be the event the outgoing monarch was not allowed to attend. And the pageantry the poorer for it!

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Miss Philippines looks old

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Miss Philippines looks old


Compared to what? A 16 year old??!

8 ( +10 / -2 )

I didn't say she's ugly or anything. I said "she looks old". She looks fine on this pic, but I googled her name and her face looked old to me on other pics.

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How come there is no news about the previous winner?

A japanese girl (Ikumi Yoshimatsu) that sued her model agency agent Genichi Taniguchim from K-Dash for abuse, extortion and threats, while scared to death because of the close ties between that agency and the Yakuza.

How come it doesnt show on any japanese newspaper?

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I can't help it but Miss Netherlands looks best here.

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How come it doesnt show on any japanese newspaper?

It showed here.


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Feminine beauty comes in so many forms.

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slumdog, thanks for the link...

Still Yahoo doesnt cover her declaration saying she could understand all those other models that commited suicide because they couldnt take it anymore...

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Feminine beauty comes in so many forms.

Exactly, and I would not even limited it to feminine.

I didn't say she's ugly or anything.

You seem to have missed the point of the poster's question.

I said "she looks old".

What does 'old' mean?

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Probably get blasted for this but none of them look like outstanding beauties. You can see more beautiful women on your average walk to a Tokyo train station on any given summers day. But then, I think Japanese women are the most attractive females on earth.

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SimondB, I couldn't agree with you more.

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Congratulations to Ms. Philippines! This comes at an opportune time especially since her country is still reeling from the devastating effects of the recent calamity. May this win help raise their spirits, even if it just a little.

@AKBFan I noticed that as well. It's not unlike boxing where you have WBO, WBC, WBA and all these title belts. Only difference, of course, is that they don't slug each other out to win the title lol.

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Miss Int'l selection is done with many qualifications beside beauty. Have to be Miss/ Congratulation Miss Philippine. Bright news for your country/ How many contests? World wide plenty. Mr, something , too. But I never heard Mr. Ugly or Mr violent. Excellent photo.

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