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I was once showing a group of public health nurses around Tokyo, and when we came across one of these cooling mists they crossed the road to avoid it. Apparently they spread disease really easily.

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Whoever owns the garden has some balls for growing a huge marijuana plant right out in the open like that....

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Half her over heating problem is wearing that restrictive mask.

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and yes still wearing face mask.will get wet from that mist...really dont get it at all what is to "enjoy"...

no idea whatsoever

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I thought masks were no longer required outdoors. Could we please start seeing photos with people's real and entire and maskless faces again? That might help start the ball rolling.

This is just another creepy photo spoiled by the mask. It is not photogenic. Sorry, no.

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I thought we were looking at the first legal grow in Japan since WWII

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Lovely kimono but really poor photograph

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Good thing she's wearing her mask, and the umbrella is useless too, holding it sideways, unless of course she's blocking the camera pointing at her

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Too humid? How about spraying you with water?

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