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Misty metro hop


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Take your masks off!

Some people just follow like sheep.

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Mask Use |Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan Government of Japan|厚生労働省 (mhlw.go.jp)

It is clear and generally common sense advice. Seems many still don't understand, or just have their brains switched to stand by.

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Cool photo! But they need to social distance.

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I suspect they get closer than that... x_x

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Loveless Couple

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Loveless Couple


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People whinge all the time because it is hot and they dont do nothing about it, keep wearing jeans and in some cases long sleeves and the masks lol. It is summer what you expect and if you dont like it stay indoors in the AC let us enjoy the heat outside. I stay indoors in winter cause i hate the cold.

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I'm assuming the relative humidity was fairly low yesterday in Tokyo.

Otherwise, wouldn't that short term feeling of cool bliss, quickly turn to damp sweaty heat once the misting is over?

Anyone personally experience this?

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Yes it is the humidity, then add the scorching sun, I take a parasol and an Uchiwa. sun stroke can down you in minutes. lights out, these mist spots make sense.

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This is a breeding ground for Legionellosis

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You have all the heat and the scorching sun and then you have people cooling of off at cooling mist spot. Ok now we know this only increases the humid conditions!!

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Let the Japanese do as they wish to.

Fainting in the high temperatures and humidity is widely practised in the summer months and has become customary.

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Take your masks off!

Some people just follow like sheep.

Sheep are the fools who don't follow science..

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Fools in the Rain? :)

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Take your masks off!

Some people just follow like sheep.

Sheep are the fools who don't follow science.

I think some here thought I meant to not wear masks at all. Not what I meant.

Take your masks off 'when outside and not in close conversation with others.'

See the link I gave to governmental guidelines (next down post).

I wear a mask all day at school, in public places inside and outside when in close proximity to others.

In my car, places with no other people, outside not in close proximity to others: no mask!

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I get your point.

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Sheep are the fools who don't follow science..

You are correct:

Habitual mask-wearing is likely helping Japan, Singapore and South Korea bring daily Omicron deaths down,**** epidemiologists say


BTW, aren't sheep white?  Come to think about are not pigs also white and cows also white?

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